Materia 174

Materia 174

We work only in modern style, we are convinced that interior architecture determines the quality of life. We love to work with private orders and in a boutique format - our project’s quality and your comfort is much more valuable for us than the number of projects per year.

Not everyone is ready to live in experimental architecture and not everyone knows how to elegantly use luxury items in interiors - but we do it masterfully. The highest score for us is when the morning after moving in you feel yourself at home.
For you within the framework the word "no" does not exist in the project - if there is a task, then it is possible to find a solution - the only question is: is the result worth the resources spent?
How to?

We do not work with briefs and technical specifications - we consider our main task to be to obtain the maximum possible result within the available space and allocated budget.

  • Mood and atmosphere are the main evaluation criteria.

    Сенсорність сприйняття простору – через світло, колір, тактильність, відчуття, переживання, досвід.

  • All decisions are subject to logic.

    Якщо правильно організований простір - все одно якого кольору у вас шторки (і нехай пробачить нас бог декору;)

  • Time management is our everything.

  • System and technology are the key to success, not a single step without a plan.

    Оскільки кожен наступний етап дорожчий за попередній – помилки теж. Все, що можна передбачити, – потрібно передбачити.

  • Why?

    Incessant designing until the delivery of the object, continuous coordination of actions and various narrow specialists involvement - and as a result - the only true, verified and balanced solution for you.

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    So far, it seems to us to be the only one way to get high result for the project, and for you - passing the path of its implementation comfortable, easy and fast.



    • 2021, A'Design Award, Silver Architecture, Building and Structure, Milan, Italy
    • 2021, A'Design Award, Silver Interior Space and Exhibition Design, Milan, Italy
    • 2021, Shortlisted for Luxury residence Europe, the International Design and Architecture Awards
    • 2021, The Best Of, Ukrainian Design the Very Best of
    • 2020, Space, Award of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine
    • 2019, Space, Award of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine
    • 2019, Nominated for the Art Space Interior Award
    • 2018, 1st Place, Interium INTER’YEAR International Interior Award
    • 2017, 2nd Place, All-Ukrainian annual architectural competition "Interior of the Year"
    • 2017, 1st Place, Modern houses, Award of architect Morsky
    • 2017, Prostyr, National Union of Architects of Ukraine Award
    • 2017, 1st place, Low-rise houses, National Union of Architects of Ukraine Award
    • 2017, 1st Place, Interiors of Public Places, National Union of Architects Award
    • 2017, Special prize from Home Italy, Milan, Italy
    • 2017, 1st Place, Interium INTER'YEAR International Interior Award
    • 2016, 3rd Place, All-Ukrainian annual architectural competition "Interior of the Year"

    Our creativity is the result of a breadth of horizon, deep technical knowledge of subject, ability to analyze and synthesis, almost 20 years of experience, children's curiosity and boundless love to our profession.