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Bora Bora Travel

YEAR 2016
AREA 102
The main vector of the interior of a tourist agency "Bora bora travel" is defined by volume ceiling structure ordered in a certain way - it is associates the unity of multifaceted and multicultural countries of the world.
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In this project, literally every element embodies the thought of harmony with the planet and nature. Already from the one look at the green relief of the wall, which imitates the texture of plants, it relaxes you and you are becoming ready to communicate about the future vacation. Next - more immersions to the world of relaxation: the reception desk is like an installation a Polynesian Pacific island that is washed with blue waters.


The legendary chair Gaetano Pesce continue the topic of "organization" of rest and give forebodings of a quick stay in an attractive exotic. The fluidity of their forms contrasts with graphic elements of the interior, the comfort of sitting in it restores, envelops and finally immerses to a warlike atmosphere.

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