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YEAR 2017
AREA 538
The residential building was designed for our regular customers who bought a plot in Israel. The architectural requirements of the country introduced some restrictions to the structure. Climatic and landscape features also played an important role. The plot is located in the prestigious village of Kesaria on The Mediterranean coast in the immediate vicinity with a golf field. Israelis’ private houses look like very simple buildings, they do not show off their facades and fences in front of each other. In connection with this tradition, the style of the facade is laconic. Due to to this decision, its own sculptural poetry was born.
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The white color of the facade is the first thing that forms the image. Open book, sails, the symbolism of the white seagull - there are so many associations, all of them are born because of the sculptural form of the facade, form it two blind planes which are located at an angle.

This architectural technique is also used for practical purposes - to ensure privacy and to minimize heating of the house, as the facade faces southeast.
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Proportions, color, shape, material - all of it transformed facade to a minimalist sculpture. A man passing by the wall of the facade becomes a living "frieze", illustrates history, like the heroes on the ancient Greek Parthenon.

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You should go inside the house or find yourself at its backyard - this is a place of self-expression and demonstration of opportunities, of tastes in Israeli culture. The patio is a quiet courtyard which strengthens the safety of the place and demonstrates all the charms of recreation in the open air. And full-size sliding facades erase boundaries between in and outdoor.

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